Release 3.0.0

@jubianchi - 22 Feb 2017

We are proud to announce the availability of atoum 3.0.0!


What’s new

Everything we will talk about here is also available in the changelog and in the upgrade guide. It’s the first release to be fully compatible with all latest PHP versions (7.x).

Deprecations and breaking changes

As you may know atoum is released under the semver convention. The 3.0.0 release comes with its breaking changes. Most of them are minor and you might not notice them but it’s worth giving you some details.


We have dropped support for some PHP and xDebug versions. atoum now supports PHP >= 5.6.0 and xDebug >= 2.3.0.

Take care of the xDebug version you use: atoum might work with a version lower than 2.3.0 but you might encounter segfaults on latest PHP versions. To avoid any problem it is recommended to use the latest stable version: 2.5.0.


atoum used to provide some fancy reports. You probably known them: the Nyancat and Santa reports. As these reports are not really usefull they have been moved to the reports-extension. If you were using them, install the extension and they should work without requiring you to change anything to your configuration file.

Another thing about reports: atoum provides an advanced API to design your own reports. Reports in atoum use something we call “fields” to display information. One of those field had its class named void. In latest PHP versions, void is a reserved keyword thus we can’t use it anymore in class names.

The void class has been renamed to blank. If you wrote custom reports using this field, you will have to use the new class name.


We changed some assertions and helpers: exception and when.

atoum 2.x supported PHP >= 5.3.3. Because on lower version $this in closures was not bound to the current object context, some assertions provided the test as an argument to closures.

This is not the case anymore: you will have to change your tests if you used this feature.

// atoum 2.x

    ->when(function(atoum\test $test) { 

    ->exception(function(atoum\test $test) { 

// atoum 3.x

    ->when(function() { 

    ->exception(function() { 

New features and bug fixes

Asserting on generators

Because generators are awesome, you should be able to use them and test them correctly. Adrien Gallou did a great job on writing this new asserter. It will allow you to walk through any generator and assert on the yielded values. Here is an example:

              ->isEqualTo(["1", "2", "3"])

Coding style

Let’s talk about the numbers. Especially one of them: you might have noticed the 580 files changed. This is a lot! atoum has a total of 557 files (source files and test files) so 580 is really a lot of change but this is for some good reasons. Guess what: atoum finally adopted a common coding-style, PSR-2.

We hope this will be a good move for two main reasons: lower the friction for new contributors and ease our work when reviewing PRs: We hooked up StyleCI and PHP CS Fixer.


You might also check the changelog for the previous release 2.9.0 as it also introduced new features around the mock engine, array assertions and extensions.


We released the VIM plugin as a standalone component: it now has its own repository.

We also released a Hombrew Tap with some formulae: homebrew-atoum.

A new website is available: where you will be able to browse the list of extensions. We also added topics (tags) on the repositories so you can find them on Github.


Some extensions have been updated:

We still need to update some extensions but the most used ones should already be OK.


We also updated missing parts of the documentation. Again, our contributors and our doc master did an amazing job! We will keep working on this part to improve it.