Release 2.6.1 and other change since 2.5.0

@Grummfy - 20 Apr 2016

Stats (2.5.0 - 2.6.1)

  • 59 commits,
  • 36 files changed,
  • 4 contributors,
  • 2 new features,
  • 1 improvement,
  • 3 bug fixes.

What’s new

Since the 2.5.0 release some changes have been made. Here are some change highlights.

Looper interface

The loop system of atoum has been improved. The logic has been extracted and a looper interface has been created.

So it allows to create new extensions. And, this is what append: Adrien Gallou has created the new autoloop-extension extension that launches your test on file change!

In-memory cache for resolved asserters improvements

Julien Bianchi has done a great job on the cache resolver and has made many improvements. Check the pull request to have more information about it.


We have made some change on the documentation… Now, it should be clearer and easier to use.

  • The design of the website has been adapted to the documentation,
  • The structure is easier to understand,
  • It’s now English first instead of French first, so it’s easier to translate.

You should try it, go to the documentation!