Release policy

Historically, atoum is a rolling-release software, it means without any versions. While this is very challenging because no regression must be introduced, this is not always comfortable for atoum’s users that need versions, especially with a quality tool. That’s why atoum uses the semantic versioning specification too.

You can see the latest atoum’s version. A file is kept up-to-date.

atoum has 2 release managers. They apply the following rules:

  1. If a bug has been fixed, a new version is released as soon as possible (it addresses the z in x.y.z);
  2. Every 6 weeks, a new version is released containing the new features (it addresses the y in x.y.z);
  3. If a backward-compatibility break is required, 2 new versions are released: a first one only with the new features and a second one only with the backward-compatibility break (it addresses the x in x.y.z).

Current release managers have been elected by the community and they are:

This team is clearly identified on github.


Features may be marked as deprecated at any time in any minor version: this should at worst display a notice but the feature should be kept fully functional. The notice must contain hints on the alternatives. Once we start the new major branch deprecated features will be removed.

Support of previous major version

We will support a previous major version until one year after the last minor/patch release.

Multiple major releases living side-by-side

When we release a new major version, we only support the current and the previous major version, but not more. To handle that, we follow this process:

But, for any reason next major may start before the previous one reaches EOL.

In any case next minor/patch release source code lives on the master branch.

Semver & rolling-release

atoum follow semver, but as said also [rolling release][reolling-release] principle. So the master branch is considered as stable and can be directly used without any issue and represent the latest stable version.


The officially supported extensions1 has a different release policy. They are released when they are ready:

If you get any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!.

  1. the official extension stands on github repository atoum/*-extension